Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Travel Kit

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Travel Kit


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Any good leather gear lives with you: it takes a beating alongside you, through the rains, mud, and everything in between. You get to shower all that off at the end of the day—but don't forget about your trusted leather gear. The best leather conditioner and cleaner around these parts is from Bickmore, proven to remove soil, grease, spur marks, and most food and ink stains. A blend of aggressive and effective, this kit uses a wax-free formula to repell future stains without sealing off leather pores and ruining breathability.

  • Bick 1 Is A Cleaner For Leather
  • It Has Been Proven To Remove Soil, Grease, Spur Marks, and Most Food and Ink Stains
  • Bick 4 Is A Leather Conditioner That Accomplishes Four Important Jobs: Conditions, Cleans, Polishes, and Acts As A Stain Repellant
  • A Wax-Free Product That Will Not Seal Pores of Leather Thereby Affecting Breath-Ability