Beau Simmons

Beau Simmons is an American photographer who specializes in medium format film photography. Initially making his name in celebrity fashion photography, his focus soon shifted. Finding inspiration in the quiet authenticity of the Western lifestyle, Beau developed a passion for capturing forgotten ways of life. His desire to elevate Americana storytelling results in a style heavily focused on preserving a snapshot in time and recording lost or overlooked moments. Beau has documented some of the biggest ranches in the United States including the 6666 Ranch, King Ranch, XIT, Bell Ranch, Singletons, and more. His work is represented by several art galleries where his photographs hang in some of the most prestigious homes while preserving and honoring the western culture. Beau works to give back to several charities, such as The American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron’s Ball. His most recent collaboration with Taylor Sheridan, centered around documenting the iconic 6666 Ranch, benefits the Careity Foundation, an organization dedicated to cancer support services. You can find more of his work linked below.

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