Schaefer Fabrics

Schaefer Brushcloth® is specifically designed to handle harsh riding and hunting conditions. Designed in 2003, the heavyweight 15 oz. canvas construction is basically thorn proof and lasts much longer than most fabrics on the market. This investment grade 100% cotton fabric is fully breathable, features a weatherproof finish and adapts to a wide array of products from lined and unlined coats to vests and dungarees.

Schaefer Fenceline® Canvas is specifically designed for a multitude of uses and weather conditions depending upon the insulations and linings used in the garment. The investment grade 11 ounce, 100% cotton canvas features a durable and weather resistant finish applied at the mill and has been used by working cowboys, horseman and ranchers since 1982.

Schaefer RangeWax® is specifically designed for inclement weather. Unlike common oilskins saturated with oil, much of the oil is taken out and replaced with wax. Water is unable to penetrate it and the noticeable oily feel and smell is displaced. RangeWax® products have been a part of our weather proof collection of garments since 1992.

Schaefer RangeTek® is specifically designed as lightweight breathable protection against rain and snow. The next generation of moisture protection, RangeTek® nylon features a waterproof, breathable membrane allowing condensation to dissipate maintaining stable body temperatures regardless of the season.

Schaefer Legacy Melton Wool™ is specifically designed for cold climate conditions. For centuries melton wool has been used for military and hunting applications. Constructed of 80% wool with 20% nylon woven in to draw the fibers very close together creating a weather tight finish and a felt-like hand. Schaefer Legacy Wool has been used in a wide array of insulated and non-insulated vests and outerwear for both men and women since 1995.

An American Tradition, denim jeans started out in the mines of California in the 1870’s and now is a staple of hard-working farmers, ranchers and outdoorsmen. Each 14.5 oz. Schaefer Denim garment is prewashed for a comfortable broken-in feel and eliminates shrinkage. The heavyweight twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from Fenceline® Canvas and naturally fades over several washings.

NyMAX fabric logo

Schaefer NyMAX is specifically used for light temperature zones or as a layered protective weather barrier.  Constructed of military aviator weight which is 4.7 ozs. strong. NyMAX 100% nylon features a satin hand with a durable and water repellant finish (DWR) for added protection against the elements.