born in the shadows of the tetons

We were born in the shadows of the Tetons. Raised in a setting equal parts unforgiving and unforgettable. With craggy granite spires looming overhead and majestic carpets of green and gold underfoot, we knew early on how lucky we were to be from such a place.

Established in 1982 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Cub Schaefer, we whole heartedly dedicated ourselves to an American tradition forgotten by most. The West forever shaped us and our ideas of how to craft functional western apparel made to stand the test of time and the task at hand.

For over 40 years we’ve been caretakers of a lost way of life. Champions of a long hard day’s work. Old friends with every rancher, farmer, horseman and cowboy who spend their lives with the sun on their face and the elements beating at their back. We’re providers of shelter, comfort and peace of mind.

Schaefer Outfitter has geared up generation after generation with everything they need to live a purposeful life working the hallowed lands their ancestors sacrificed everything for. We know how much everything means, so we do our damnedest to make everything right. Every stitch has meaning. Each rivet has a mission. We’ve worked a lifetime to ensure whatever we make lasts the rest of yours.